Welcome to the British Physics Olympiad

The BPhO is to encourage the study of physics and to recognise excellence in young physicists through ten annual physics competitions. Why not take the challenge!

All our competions are running. The Junior Physics Challenge closed on Wednesday 20th May (online) and results have been sent out to schools. For practical activities you could look at Saturday Science where you will find many small to large scale activities which students can use to develop investigation skills and “learn about stuff”.
We hold ten competitions organised through two strands:

BAAO Competitions

All of these competitions can be entered by students in younger Year groups. About 10% of the entry in Round 1 is from Year 12 for example.

Competition Dates 2020-21

BPhO Competitions through the Academic Year (in date order)

CompetitionYear groupdeliveryLength of “Paper”Competition Date
Physics Challenge Year 13 or below paper emailed 1 hour Sept - Dec 2020
BAAO Astro Challenge Year 13 or belowpaper emailed 1 hour Sept - Dec 2020
British Physics Olympiad (Round 1) Year 13 or below paper printed & posted2 h 40m + 15m reading time Fri 13th Nov 2020
BAAO Junior Astro ChallengeYear 10 & Year 11 online competition2 x 25 min Fri 6th - Wed 25th Nov 2020
BAAO Astrophysics Olympiad Year 13 or below paper printed & posted 3 hour + 15m reading time Mon 25th Jan 2021
BPhO Round 2 Year 13 or below paper printed & posted 3 hours Mon 1st Feb 2021
Senior Physics Challenge Year 12paper emailed 1 hour Friday 5th March 2021
Intermediate Physics ChallengeYear 11 paper emailed 1 hour Friday 12th March 2021
Junior Physics Challenge Year 10 online competition 2 x 25 min Fri 30th April - Wed 19th May 2021
Experimental ProjectYear 12/13 & Year 10/11 paper emailed June - Dec 2021

I learned a lot about the science and phenomena behind Astronomy which I found really eye-opening and fascinating

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