About the BPhO

The British Physics Olympiad is a charitable trust overseen by a committee of trustees. On a day to day basis the BPhO is run by five committee members and run by a large team of volunteer physics teachers and academics from across the country.

There is always an opportunity for new teachers to become involved in one of the many aspects of the BPhO, from writing questions, checking exam papers, supporting students through online mentoring, coming to one of the training camps, developing questions for the team, helping with practical experimental training or helping to develop the BPhO in new ways.

With the BAAO we are looking for interest and expertise in a new field. Teachers develop their skills through gradually becoming involved and one does not join the team as a fully-fledged expert in this field.

A Management Committee steers the BPhO, coordinates the events and training camps and oversees the general running.

Management committee

Mr Robin Hughes - Chair

Dr Anson Cheung

Dr Sian Owen - Administrator


The administrative office is situated in:

Physics Outreach Office
Department of Physics
University of Oxford
Denys Wilkinson Building
Oxford OX1 3RH

Tel: 01865 272884

Lena Shams is the Administrative Secretary for the BPhO at Oxford and she available to answer your queries about the competitions.

For enquiries please contact Contact@bpho.org.uk.

Data Protection

The British Physics Olympiad is administered from the Outreach Office of the Physics Department of the University of Oxford. The two institutions are quite independent of each other. The BPhO itself is a charitable trust.

Data Protection ensures that the BPhO database of teachers and schools’ results cannot be accessed by university members and similarly the BPhO has no access to any aspect of University physics results, student entry, PAT test or any other Physics Department or University data base. The BPhO informs schools and students of their results, but no results are sent to a third party who is not part of that chain.
Nobody in the Outreach Office has simultaneous access to both BPhO results and any Physics Department results.