Competition Dates & Events/Workshops

Teacher Event on Problem Solving in Physics - how to extend your able students

Date: Saturday 24th February 2024
Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm
Venue: Cowley International College, Saint Helens, Merseyside, WA10 6PN

Staff and volunteers from the British Physics Olympiad Trust and University of Oxford will provide guidance and resources on helping you to support your students to develop problem solving skills in physics.

Computational Challenge Webinars for Students

When How
The programme is set out on the Computational Challenge webpage

Competition Dates 2023-24

CompetitionYear groupdeliveryLength of “Paper”Competition Date
Physics Challenge Year 13 or belowCompetition platform 1 hour Sept - Dec 2023
Astro Challenge Year 13 or belowCompetition platform 1 hour Sept - Dec 2023
BPhO Round 1*Year 13 or below Competition platform2 h 40m Fri 10th Nov 2023
Junior Astro ChallengeYear 10 & Year 11 online competition2 x 25 min Fri 3rd - Fri 24th Nov 2023
BAAO Round 1 Year 13 or below Competition platform 2 hours Tues 23rd Jan 2024
SPC Online CompetitionYear 12online competition2 x 30 min Mon 22nd - Fri 26th Jan 2024
IPC Online CompetitionYear 11online competition2 x 30 min Mon 29th Jan - Fri 2nd Feb 2024
BPhO Round 2 Year 13 or below emailed 3 hours Tuesday 20th Feb 2024
BAAO Round 2 Year 13 or below emailed 3 hours Tuesday 27th Feb 2024
Intermediate Physics Challenge*Year 11 Competition platform 1 hour Friday 1st March 2024
Senior Physics Challenge* Year 12Competition platform 1 hour Friday 8th March 2024
Junior Physics Challenge Year 10 online competition 2 x 25 min Fri 26th April - Fri 17th May 2024
(new) Year 7/8 Physics Challenge Year 7/8 online competition 2 x 25 min April - May 2024
Experimental ProjectYear 12/13 & Year 10/11 Competition platform Project June - Dec 2023
Computational ChallengeYear 11/12/13 Competition platform Project April - August 2024

* International schools sit these papers after the UK. See the webpage for each competition.

We would encourage you to get your students taking part in the two Year 13 Physics Challenge and Astro Challenge Papers. These can be used as a resource for interesting questions or as a school competition. They introduce problems in physics. The Astro Challenge has a few astronomy multiple choice questions to encourage observation and learning about the night sky, but the majority of the questions are accessible to students studying physics and show interesting applications in a specialised area. Details are given in the front page and the constants page if you go to…