British Physics Olympiad Physics Challenge (Y13)

Physics Challenge (Y13)

The Physics Challenge (found in Past Papers as Physics Challenge) is available to order online and will be emailed on a Friday afternoon on a weekly basis.

The paper is based on the common curriculum for Year 13 students. It is an introduction to problem solving for some students. Teachers may use it as a competition paper, or as a classroom resource. It contains questions that relate to A level (or equivalent) topics, but it is not A level exam preparation. It is to stretch thinking into the applications and ideas rather than to keep to the narrow content of the syllabus, preparing students for further work, or for interview practice. Past papers are available and practising on these will help to develop a deeper understanding of the ideas and applications of physics. Some of the questions are interesting from a historical perspective.

It is free to enter and all students who participate are entitled to receive either a participation or merit certificate. The fixed award boundaries for the 50 mark paper are
Merit: 20/50 and above
Participation: 19 marks or below

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