British Physics Olympiad Computational Physics Project & Competition

Computational Physics Project & Competition

The Computational Challenge Competition

  1. Video description: Computational Challenge details.

  2. The theory behind the competition example:
    BPhO CompPhys Challenge 2022 v2.pdf

  3. A brief two page summary of the Tasks:
    BPhO ComPhys Challenge 2022 - briefing.pdf

    Registration is now closed as the enries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 14th August.
    Those who have registered will have received details about submitting their entry via a link to a Form.

The eleven week course, which is presented below, accompanies the book Science by Simulation writen by Dr Andrew French and published by World Scientific. (There is a 30% reduction promo code for ordering through the BPhO)
Science by Simulation 6 min summary

The 11-week Computional Physics Course
There are a series of 11 weekly online talks on Computational Physics given by Dr Andrew French of Winchester College. These will be on Thursday evenings for an hour, begining at about 7.45pm. This series is now over, but te recordings of the sessions can be found below.Each one will be an introduction to a physics model and how one might analyse it computationally.
You do not need previous experience in coding. You may learn to code through this programme series, but you may stick to using Excel, which will do the tasks well.
Between Easter and the end of August, you will have the opportunity to undertake a competition project. This will be about developing one of the models, and judged by a short (no longer than 2 minutes) video on your project and results.

Week number Topic Link to Data files Video recording
Week 1 Experimental Errors file 1video 1
Week 2 An Experimental Data Processesing Pipeline zip file 2video 2
Week 3 Lines of Best Fit zip file 3 video 3
Week 4 Chernobyl and isotopic decay file 4 video 4
Week 5 Weather zip file 5 video 5
Week 6 Exoplanets & Kepler’s Third Law zip file 6 video 6
Week 7 Numeric Calculus files 7 video 7
Week 8 Gravity & Verlet files 8 video 8
Week 9 Random Walks files 9 video 9
Week 10 A Computational Cookbook of CHAOS (Bifurcating bunnies) files 10 video 10
Week 11 Epidemiology of Eyam files 11 video 11

(When you download a zip file to your computer, right click on it and extract the files. Only then can you run them.)

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