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The Computational Challenge Competition

The 10-week Computational Physics Course for 2024

Week numberDateTopicVideo recording
Week 111th JanIntro & Modelling MotionWeek 1 recording
Week 218th JanGravity & AstrophysicsWeek 2 recording
Week 325th JanSpecial RelativityWeek 3 recording
Week 4 1st FebQuantum / Nuclear / RadioactivityWeek 4 recording
Week 5 8th FebWaves & OpticsWeek 5 recording
15th Feb(Half Term Break)
Week 6 22nd FebElectromagnetism
Week 7 29th FebThermodynamics
Week 8 7th MarchModels, Experiments, Data Analysis
Week 9 14th MarchChaos & Release of 2024 Challenge
(Easter Break)
Week 10 18th AprilEpidemiology
Each week a new topic is covered. Recordings are usually made, but they are not always successful!
You can download a zip file of each set of documents and examples for all ten sessions here

The 2024 Competition is described below, and there will be a registration form link here towards the end of term. Final details will be placed here, but the competition submission will close in mid-August.

  1. The theory behind the competition example:
    BPhO CompPhys Challenge 2024, theory
  2. A brief three page summary of the Tasks:
    BPhO CompPhys 2024 Projectiles

The course, which was first presented in 2022 from January to April, accompanies the book Science by Simulation written by Dr Andrew French and published by World Scientific.
Science by Simulation 6 min summary

Science by Simulation book cover and precis

The 2023 Competition is illustrated by these two items below, and the registration form link.

  1. The theory behind the competition example:
    BPhO CompPhys Challenge 2023, theory
  2. A brief three page summary of the Tasks:
    BPhO CompPhys Challenge 2023

The deadline for submitting entries is midnight on Monday 14th August 2023 (UK time).

The procedure for submitting will be sent to those who have registered via the form below.

Some 1400 students signed up for the webinars. About 900 turned up, and this dropped to 150 by the end. So that we do not email so many students who are not going to do the actual competition, please could you register using the link here. This will enable us to keep in touch with those who want to take part in the competition. It was popular last year and we had over 40 entries in the end. Please register here to give us some contact names. If you are leaving school at the end of term, could you include a non-school email as schools often close your account when you leave.

Registration form to enter the competition (not available unitl April)

Gold Entries from August 2022.

You will see the variety of styles and you are not restricted to any particular form. These have different strengths in terms of their presentation, coding, apps, examples, etc.