British Physics Olympiad Experimental Project

Experimental Project


The Project for 2021

This is for UK schools ONLY. We are unable to mark new international schools. (If you are a school that has participated on previous occasions then please contact us)


[2021/22 CHECKLIST](checklist.pdf) Schools need to register in advance that they are participating so that we are not swamped with entries. [ 2019/20 Entry Form](

About the BPhO Experimental Project

The Experimental Project was developed to support and encourage practical physics for students in school. A modest but interesting problem is posed, to be investigated using common household and school equipment. The project can be written up in the style of an academic paper, or in a personal style that reflects the students interests. We do not have a set writeup style and many variations are encounterd. What must come across is a degree of enthusiam from the students.

The Experimental Project gives students hands-on experience of how experimental research is carried out - planning and undertaking open-ended experiments and independent research, working in teams, where appropriate, and communicating their findings.

Each school encourages as many students as they would like to produce a project. Some use it as a class or homework activity, others encourage science club or gifted and talented students to take part. The deadline for project submission this year is 21st January 2022. Within each school teachers judge their students’ efforts. Each school forwards their best project from each judging category (G or A) to the BPhO Office.

The competition is judged in two categories - Group A, for years 12 to 13 (AS and A2 or equivalent level students) and Group G for students in year 10 or 11 (GCSE or equivalent level). Prizes are awarded to students with outstanding papers, and the best team from each age group will be invited along with their teacher to the BPhO Presentations at the Royal Society in April. The best papers may be published on the BPhO website.

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