British Physics Olympiad Intermediate Physics Challenge (Year 11)

Intermediate Physics Challenge (Year 11)

Competition date: Friday 11th March 2022
Entry deadline: Monday 7th March 2022
Papers returned: ONLY the Gold Award papers are to be returned to the BPhO by Friday 29th March

Competition details

Cost: free
Prizes: Certificates (and books on some occasions)


This is a single, one-hour paper that is suitable for Year 11 students (GCSE, Standard Grade or equivalent level). The paper includes multiple-choice and short answer sections that aim to test students’ knowledge and understanding of basic physics principles. The paper is suitable for students who have studied GCSE Science + Additional Science or GCSE Physics or equivalent.
Over 6000 students take part in the competition each year.

In 2021, the Competition was run as an online multiple choice competition. 4700 students from 204 schools participated.

Report on the Intermediate Physics Challenge March 2021 Intermediate Physics Challenge Report March 2021.pdf

Preparation should be by working through four past papers (available in past papers)

Teachers may use questions from past papers in their regular teaching, and are encouraged to do so.

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