British Physics Olympiad BPhO Round 3: Team selection and the Oxford Training Camp

BPhO Round 3: Team selection and the Oxford Training Camp

Round 3 comprises of a five-day Easter residential at the University of Oxford. Students are sent study material prior to the Oxford Training Camp and during their visit they receive lectures, problem classes and sit a further theoretical paper and have the chance to practise practical physics problems similar to those encountered at the International Physics Olympiad.

Qualification for the British Physics Olympiad Team

At the end of the camp five students (and two reserves) are chosen to represent the UK at the International Physics Olympiad.

International Physics Olympiad

The five students and accompanying adults attend the exciting International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). This takes place in July in one of the 85 competing countries. The competition consists of two challenging papers; a theoretical paper and an experimental paper. Visits, social events and entertainment are also arranged. The Olympiad funds all the costs. Prior to the IPhO there is further training by correspondence and a final, four-day training camp at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Documents and ordering papers

Past papers for Round 1 and Round 2 can be found on the Past papers page. To order, visit the online store from September.

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