FAQ - Eligibility of students

  • How do students to take part?

    Students are required to enter the competitions via their school. The teacher must register the school and the students for each competiion

  • What level of study should students be to enter the competitions?

    Students who have finished their school examinations in the year of the competition can participate as long as they have not commenced a more advanced level of study (e.g. university studies for BPhO Round 1, A2 or equivalent for AS Challenge, or Key stage 4 / level 3 studies for the Physics Challenge).

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    The entry of students to each competition is set by the Year group stated for each competition. Younger students may enter a competition, but not older ones.

  • What about non-uk citizens?

    Contestants are not required to be UK citizens but must fulfil the above age requirements for each of the competitions.

    • All students in China wanting to take part in the BPhO Competition, the AS Challenge or the Physics Challenge, must rgister through ASDAN-China. To register please visit www.seedasdan.org/bpho, or contact science@seedasdan.org for more information.
    • Entries from other overseas schools must first contact BPhO@physics.ox.ac.uk
  • What about home schooled students

    Entry to the competitions is via schools. It is necessary for the administration and security of the competition papers. We are happy for arrangements to be made with a local school or college that has other students taking part.

  • What about the UK team competing in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)?

    Students are required to:

    1. Attend a secondary school, sixth form or FE college within the UK,

    2. be a UK citizen OR have had the majority of their education within the UK - If you teach a student who is not a UK citizen, but would like to enquire about their eligibility contact the BPhO.

    Round 2 (January): Students will be invited to take part in this competition paper only if they are eligible for the UK team.
    [The increased number of A level students from overseas studying in the UK is welcome and it is pleasing to see their success in Round 1, but that does not make them eligible to take Round 2.]

    Oxford Training Camp: Only students who are eligible for the UK team at the IPhO will be invited to the Oxford Training Camp in April.

    Level of study: Students who have finished their school examinations in the year of the competition can be members of the team as long as they have not commenced their university studies.

    Age restriction: The age of the contestants should not exceed twenty years on June 30th of the year of the competition.

FAQ - Ordering papers

  • How do I order the competition papers?

    All papers, including those that are free, should be ordered through the online store.

  • Is my school/college eligible for two free entries of the BPhO paper?

    The BPhO is offering two free entries for students entering Round 1 for non-fee paying schools only. Further entries must be paid for. Both these categories of entry are available through the online shop (see below).

  • How do I receive my two free entries to BPhO Round 1?

    Non-fee paying schools and colleges can order two papers from the item labelled ‘BPhO Round 1: Entry (Two free entries for non fee paying schools)’ in the online store. The remainder of the papers can be ordered through the normal entry items in the store, ‘BPhO Round 1: Entry (Schools to be invoiced £18 per person)’ or ‘BPhO Round 1: Entry (Card payment)’.

  • What happens after I order my papers?

    All papers will be emailed a week before the test date, with the exception of Round 1 which will also be posted if ordered before the deadline.

  • Are any papers sent in printed form?

    Yes, Round 1 and Round 2 papers.

  • How do I receive my free electronic copies of the challenge papers?

    The AS Challenge and GCSE Challenge papers are only available (free) electronically to all schools. Please use the online shop to order your free electronic copies of the paper, mark schemes and certificates. You should order the number of papers corresponding to the number of students you might be expecting (for our statistics), but you will only receive one electronic version for printing.

  • I have forgotten to order a paper until after the deadline for entry. Can we still enter?

    Yes, orders submitted after the deadline and before the test date are accepted but papers will only be sent out electronically.

  • When can I expect the papers to arrive?

    The papers should be with you a week before the test date. Please get in touch if they have not arrived.

  • I have tried using the online system and I have experienced a technical problem.

    Please email BPhO@physics.ox.ac.uk order stating the following:

    Email subject line: Paper and/or certificate order

    • Name
    • School name
    • Address of school
    • Number of orders (papers and/or different types certificates)
    • The problem with online store

    We will invoice your school if required at a later date.

  • I have tried using the online system to order BPhO Round 1 but my school does not have a credit card

    Please order the paper through the online store and select the item ‘BPhO Round 1: Entry (Schools to be invoiced £18 per person)’.

    If your question about ordering papers and certificates did not appear in this section please email us at BPhO@physics.ox.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.

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